Retirement benefits schemes establishment

To provide retirement benefits expressed in terms of annuities or lump sums 

  • The name of the retirement benefits scheme including reference to any prior change of name.
  • The physical address and location of the registered office of the scheme in Uganda.
  • A trust deed and scheme rules.
  • A funding policy of the scheme.
  • A business plan.
In case of an existing retirement benefits scheme;
  • The status of the retirement benefits scheme in respect of the names of members admitted into the retirement benefits scheme and their contribution.
  • Description of the investment portfolio of the scheme including their value and location.
  • Benefits that accrue to members under the retirement benefits scheme.
  • Whether any members of the scheme are active members or not.
  • Certified copies of audited financial statements for the previous year prepared in accordance with international financial reporting standards.
  • If the most recent audited accounts are more than six months out of date, they should be accompanied by management accounts which need not be audited showing the current financial position and the current results of the institution.
  • Any other information relating to the viability of the proposed retirement benefits scheme or other matters which the applicant may consider relevant.
  • Any other information which the Authority considers necessary for the purposes of determining the application.
Note: The licensed Retirement Benefits Schemes are required by the URBRA Act and Regulations to pay a compulsory annual levy amounting to 0.25% of total asset value for schemes which receive voluntary contribution and 0.05% of total asset value for schemes which receive mandatory contributions.
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