Air service license

For the purpose of ensuring all operators/crew/organisations in the aviation industry are properly certificated/authorized in accordance with international Civil Aviation Organisation(ICAO)standards and recommended practices.

A Business Plan – An applicant must submit a business plan that covers the first 2 years of operation, in order, to demonstrate that it is able to handle its actual and potential obligations for a period of 24 months from the start of the operations, and its fixed and operational costs for a period of six (06) months without taking into account earnings from its operations
A copy of Certificate of Registration
A copy of the aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness
A Performance Bond through a reputable bank
Conduct of operations - Proper Airport Operating procedures relating to handling of cargo and/or passengers must be complied with at all times in accordance with the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention of 1994)
Copies of Insurance Certificates (Hull, Third Party, Passenger and Cargo Liability).
Evidence of the applicant’s financial capacity to finance the proposed air transport services and meet CAA financial obligations (details attached under Download Forms/Info, Civil Aviation Authority Guidelines, page 3, vi)
Provide evidence of ownership of the aircraft or a long term aircraft lease agreement. The Aircraft must be under full control of the applicant and fulfill the flight safety standards of Uganda
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